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Venues that offer Wi-Fi will become more varied in the future: hotels, airports, train stations, conferences, sporting events, restaurants, cafés, retail shops, shopping malls, banks, car dealers, schools, universities… a large number of prospects is there for you.


You just need to install Our firmware on the supported WiFi router and plug it in to your existing modem. Choose the access point that works best for you. Or the cheapest one, You are free to choose your hardware. Take your pick! Or you can order a Pre-configured Access Point.


Customise the login page, landing page, social media accounts and WiFi SSID and make the Free WiFi work for your own brand. The Splash Page is simple to setup for you, and super-simple for the Wi-Fi clients as well and no more Wi-Fi clients stuck during the authentication process.


The Social Dashboard is the analytics and data capture tool designed for your customers, to let them analyze data and insights with a nice graphic interface, without having permission to change Wi-Fi configurations. Easy-to-use dashboard that will boost your sales!


Set data, time and speed limits for internet usage in each login session & keep a tab on excessive use of Free WiFi. Generate actionable analytics for the customers visiting your venue like unique and repeat visits, dwell time and user growth. Tell them to Like your FACEBOOK Pager to get free internet.


Build LOGIN page with our Splash Page editor. Its super-easy to use. You can simply drag and drop the elements from the left component bar, and customize them through the control panel. Every LOGIN page is responsive, and you can easily check how it’s seen from any mobile device through the “Device preview” panel.


The Social Dashboard allows you to easily create, print and distribute vouchers for Internet connectivity. A front desk operator can easily create & print tens of unique coupon codes in seconds and distribute or sell them to your guests. Dashboard allows you to see in real-time if a coupon has been used or not.

How public hotspots work?

  • A good Wi-Fi connection can attract users to a location.
  • Manage your customers over Free WiFi with ability to set speed, data and time limits specific to the user and block access to certain users.

  • Track live status of your WiFi routers and set email alerts on the status.

  • Instead of having to create a new username and password, users can easily log in using their favorite social networking account (Facebook / Google+ / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / Windows Live / Vkontakte). Conversely, users can login using a coupon code provided by the company.

  • Increase organic reach when your customer checks-in on Facebook. Average check-in reaches ~100 friends, which is 50% organic reach at a median of 200 friends!

  • Create two separate network for your WiFi with one Public network and one Private network